Why Should You Choose Our Company?

  • Custom Designed Parts

The laser cutting process provides design realization in an exceptional form. Provide Laserworks with a drawing or design of your choice and we can be laser cut for you, no matter how detailed the design. Custom garden art and garden screens have recently become a popular choice. We also specialize in Personalized and Commercial Signage for businesses and signage companies.

  • Quality Service and Competitive Pricing

The precise manner of the laser machine enables us to cut parts that cannot be cut with the use of traditional methods. Components are cut at a guaranteed accuracy of 0.2mm.

Production Cost savings are made by Nesting of materials in order to get as many parts out of your material as possible. The accuracy of the machine allows for complex shapes to be precisely repeated. Our promise is to provide our customers with affordable pricing and quality cut products with minimal distortion and a professional finish.

  • Range of Material

Laserworks has a large range of available stock on premises:

Mild Steel to 16.0mm, Stainless Steel to 12.0mm, Aluminium to 10.0mm, Acrylic to 32.0mm,

Our machine is also able to cut material such as: Tool Steel, Galvanised Products, Polycarbonates, Plastics, Rubber, Timber, Copper to 3.0mm, Brass to 6.0mm, Titantium, Coreten, Lyten, Bisalloy

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